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glElite File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
ActionManager.cpp [code]
ActionManager.h [code]
Atmosphere.cpp [code]
Atmosphere.h [code]
AudioManager.cpp [code]
AudioManager.h [code]
Cabin.cpp [code]
Cabin.h [code]
CollisionGroup.cpp [code]
CollisionGroup.h [code]
CollisionInstance.cpp [code]
CollisionInstance.h [code]
ComputerShip.cpp [code]
ComputerShip.h [code]
EventManager.cpp [code]
EventManager.h [code]
FrontCamera.cpp [code]
FrontCamera.h [code]
FrontierBitmap.cpp [code]
FrontierBitmap.h [code]
FrontierFile.cpp [code]
FrontierFile.h [code]
FrontierMesh.cpp [code]
FrontierMesh.h [code]
FrontierObjects.cpp [code]Add Frontier: First Encounters ship models to scene
FrontierObjects.h [code]
glElite.cpp [code]
Hud.cpp [code]
Hud.h [code]
LightwaveObjects.cpp [code]
LightwaveObjects.h [code]
native_midi.h [code]
ObjectManager.cpp [code]
ObjectManager.h [code]
PlayerShip.cpp [code]
PlayerShip.h [code]
PrimitiveObjects.cpp [code]
PrimitiveObjects.h [code]
RoamAlgorithm.cpp [code]
RoamAlgorithm.h [code]
RoamInstance.cpp [code]
RoamInstance.h [code]
RoamObjects.cpp [code]
RoamObjects.h [code]
RoamSphere.cpp [code]
RoamSphere.h [code]
Root.cpp [code]
Root.h [code]
Scanner.cpp [code]
Scanner.h [code]
Ship.cpp [code]
Ship.h [code]
ShipCamera.cpp [code]
ShipCamera.h [code]
ShipControls.cpp [code]
ShipType.cpp [code]
ShipType.h [code]
Sight.cpp [code]
Sight.h [code]
Simulated.cpp [code]
Simulated.h [code]
SimulatedInstance.cpp [code]
SimulatedInstance.h [code]
SimulationTimer.cpp [code]
SimulationTimer.h [code]
UserInterface.cpp [code]
UserInterface.h [code]
version.h [code]Application version numbers
VertexArray.cpp [code]
VertexArray.h [code]