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Latest modifications to this site January 3rd 2005:
New plans.


While original plan was to create OpenGL version of Elite, current development is focused on making modular, generic opensource space-roleplaying framework. Teddy is project name for the graphics engine of the framework. glElite is project name for rest of the framework and the original game idea.


  • While this page was not updated for a long time, there has been a lot of things happening behind the curtains. I have made progress as a game engine programmer in other projects, gaining some useful experience. I have almost discontinued the development of Teddy, and glElite will use Ogre instead in the future.
  • glElite - or Teddy::SpaceGame (or whatever the name now should be when Teddy is no more) - has made progress in planning. I am especially happy about the physics and propulsion system solution, which is quite unique and will make the gameplay realistic and great game at the same time.
  • If you would like to contact me, then please note that currently (beginning of 2005) my university account has been idle for a while and thus locked. Eventually I will open it again, but the recommended way to contact me anyway is to mail me at timo at
  • Indeed you should mail me to the above address if you think you could help me. I would need programmers to help me (C++ experience required, Ogre experience is a plus) as I have too little personal time to work on the project myself.
  • This is older news, but I'll keep it here for a while until I have something else.. No new downloads yet, but a couple of screenshots. I am doing some research on atmosphere rendering - I want those to look as good as possible - and it looks promising. Nishitas algorithm can be further optimized and made to run realtime.
  • Teddy is under heavy refactoring.
  • I have received some additional information about Frontier: First Encounters internals, so I will be able to update FFE ship and universe information better in the next release.
  • glElite release 1.3 has initial collision detection using Photons ColDet library.
  • glElite and Teddy are now separate projects. so I can set up separate project for Teddy.
  • I am investigating orbit calculations and other stuff. Nice pages about this:


Everything below is old. New material will appear once I can resume programming.

External Packages

These only apply to the releases so far. Future releases will have different requirements...

The SDL library is required by Teddy. Other libraries are not strictly needed, but highly recommended:


Atmosphere around black planet..

Earlier Teddy 2 alpha showing per pixel atmosphere rendering

First screenshot from Teddy 2 atmosphere

Teddy 1.63 showing windowing system and multiple cameras

Teddy 1.59 screenshot
Teddy 1.59 in action